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The project aims to bridge the digital and business skills gap in a sustainable way that meets the needs of the market and increases the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional businesses and to increase the export of Kosovar ICT and traditional businesses through the use of ICT.

IT Courses provided
Trainees Certified
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Managers of ICT and non-ICT companies participated in regional B2B Events

Project Results

The Digital Skills are enhanced, ICT skilled workforce is developed and meets the needs of the market, enhances the competiveness of Kosovo ICT and traditional businesses

Export capacities of Kosovar ICT businesses are enhanced

Preparation for implementation of e-IDAS in Kosovo

Our Courses


Python Programming

Web Application Development
Big Data Analytics / Data Science
Enterprise Java and Mobile Development
Machine Learning

Our Project by Number

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IT Courses provided
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Trainees Certified
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Managers of ICT and non-ICT companies participated in regional B2B Events
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Managers of ICT companies participated in International B2B Events

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Art Maxhuni Web Development

This training process helped me grow my knowledge in programming with a great prospective about front and back end, thus I am very happy and would emphasise mentioning how good we got together with our group and our great professor during this traibibg nodule! Very thankful to ICT for Kosovo's Growth

Alba Thaqi Python Programming

The training offers the opportunity to become more skilled in a certain field, and I am especially talking about the Python course, which with the help of Professor Festim, we managed to understand, learn and develop deeply highly professional programming tasks and assignments, therefore, would suggest to many students to participate in these training modules as offered by the 'ICT for Kosovo's Growth" project.

Haxhi Llolluni Machine Learning

The Machine Learning module training was easily ac- cessible and highly adaptable for trainees It provid- ed comprehensive insights into new programming approaches, advanced algorithms, and cut- ting-edge machine learning techniques globally. Ad- ditionally, the training included comprehensive re- cord-keeping of the materials to be covered, align- ing with our progress as we successfully attained all of the intended objectives within the specified time- frame.

Driton Jasiqi Python Programming

As a young programmer, I learned the insight of programming from the PYTHON language. It was a very good experience and I appreciate a lot the op- portunity provided by ICT for Kosovo's Growth project.

Adonis Jashari Cyberscurity

Training in the field of cybersecurity provided by the ICT for Kosovo's Growth Project was an exceptional experience. This training undoubtedly, contributed to the enhancement of our cyber- security skills and facilitated a better understanding of the significance of employing cutting-edge strategies and techniques to safeguard our in- formation infrastructure.

Denis Ivic Cyberscurity

I attended Cybersecurity training. I learned a lot from the trainers who taught us during training. During the training, we had practical tasks and assignments. I would highly rate the training and the instructor in this program • and I recommend to anyone who has not used the ICT for Koso- vo's Growth program before. I would recommend it to everyone to apply and enroll in to different ICT training programs that are being offered.

Visar Kumnova Αrtificial Intelligence

The trainings offered by ICT for Kosovo growth have had a positive impact on raising the capacities of young people in the field of technology, which has increased the quality of the labor market of this sector, especially in the development of applications and cyber security. The inclusion of interested candi- dates is one of the indicators of the success of these trainings.