A Unique Internship Scheme is provided by the EU funded Project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth”

 The EU funded Project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth” creates a dynamic, where the fresh perspectives of newly trained individuals meet with the seasoned expertise within local ICT companies. The Project starts a Unique Internship Scheme to provide advanced ICT skilled workforce to selected ICT businesses in Kosovo with the aim to bridge the digital and business skills gap in a sustainable way that meets the needs of the market. The objectives of the Internship Scheme are the professional development of certified trainees and the support of the competitiveness of Kosovar ICT businesses with modern ICT skilled workforce.

Advanced trained and certified trainees through a five months (300 hrs) ICT training in Cyber Security, Web Application Development, Enterprise Java & Mobile, Python programming, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be supported by the Project to gain professional learning experience and practical work in ICT companies. This endeavour will be realised through the organisation and implementation of 40 meticulously structured internships, targeting highly scored certified trainees who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and commitment during their participation in the ICT training courses of the Project.

The implementation of this Unique Internship Opportunity in ICT industry of Kosovo’ , supporting highly scored certified trainees with 3-months paid internship starts with the Call for Applications for ICT companies and Call for Applications for the best certified trainees to participate in the Internship Scheme

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants for Internship Scheme are ICT Companies from Kosovo.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria for the selection of host ICT companies:

The selection criteria will assist to assess and identify host ICT companies that possess the capacity and facilities to host the certified trainees of the EU funded Project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth” and assist the Interns to gain the most from the internship experience.

The below criteria will be included in the Application form for the Selection of host ICT companies:

Selection of ICT companies willing to participate in the Internship Scheme

Methodology of Selection

The selection of ICT companies willing to participate in the Internship Scheme will be based on the above eligibility and selection criteria.

A preliminary selection and shortlist of host ICT companies will be created based on the information provided by the companies.

The Project will communicate with the shortlisted companies with a targeted approach, conveying the benefits of the Internship Scheme tailored to each company’s profile and needs. The communication will highlight how hosting a trainee can bring fresh perspectives, contribute to projects, and how the company can contribute to supporting the next generation of ICT professionals in Kosovo. The Project will assess the potential contribution of the Companies against Internship Scheme objectives and their level of enthusiasm and a clear understanding of the scheme’s benefits and requirements.

Upon collecting positive feedback and initial commitment, the Project will develop a final short list of companies willing to participate in the internship initiative. The goal is to select 14 ICT companies to host interns.

Matching the Selected interns with ICT Companies – Tripartite agreement

Immediately after the evaluation and selection of candidates, the Project will contribute to the matching of the selected host ICT companies with the certified trainees that will participate in the Internship Scheme.

A standard tripartite agreement template that will outline the general terms and conditions of the internship, including the duration, the roles and responsibilities of the trainee, the host company, and the project, as well as the support mechanisms in place for the trainee.

The signing of a tripartite agreement among the project, the selected trainee, and the host ICT Company will be the formalisation of the internship arrangement through. This agreement is crucial as it defines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of each party, ensuring a clear, structured, and mutually beneficial internship experience.

Each agreement will be customised to reflect the specific details of the individual internship, including any special requirements of the host company, the specific objectives of the internship, and any personal development goals of the trainee. This customisation ensures that the agreement is relevant and tailored to the needs of all parties.

When will the internships take place?

Immediately after the sign of the tripartite agreement, we estimate that this will be from 1 April to 30 June 2024.

Placement of selected trainees in ICT companies – Implementation of internships

After the signing of the agreement, the intern starts the internship in the host company. The placement of selected trainees in ICT companies will be based on the internship positions offered by the ICT companies. The selected trainees with the assistance of TAT, will select the most suitable for them offered positions. The Project will maintain regular contact with both the intern and the host company. Throughout the 3-month period, the interns’ progress will be closely monitored, and they will receive support and guidance from both the host company and the TAT, when necessary. This ongoing support and monitoring are critical to address any issues promptly and to ensure that the internship is progressing as planned, providing a valuable and constructive learning experience for the trainee.

The ICT for Kosovo’s Growth project will promote and disseminate the internship scheme and results achieved.

Assessment of internships’ results

As the internships progress, periodic evaluations will be scheduled. These evaluations will involve feedback sessions with the trainees and their mentors in the host companies. At the end of the internship, we will conduct an assessment process, involving both quantitative and qualitative measures, to capture a comprehensive picture of the internship results.

The assessment that is planned to be conducted should have a starting point, a “baseline assessment”. Through this baseline form/study, each trainee’s skills and the specific objectives of the host companies will be identified and the outcomes will serve as a reference point against which the progress and development achieved during the internship can be measured.

At the conclusion of the internship, a final assessment will be conducted.


Where to Apply?

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