The project of ““EU Support for the Competitiveness of Kosovo’s ICT Sector”, financed by EU and implemented by WEglobal in consortium with Prishtina REA and European Management, and in cooperation with Ministry of Economy, organised the Award Certification Ceremony
for the 8th semester of the ICT and Digital Skills Training Programme.

The project is designed to address the lack of skilled workforce in Kosovo ICT sector by providing advanced ICT training for students, graduated students from computer sciences, engineering, programming and mathematics, even for staff from ICT companies, start-ups
and freelancers. The project seeks to improve the digital knowledge and skills of young people to enable them to secure their employment and future careers in ICT sector, start their own businesses as start-ups in existing Kosovo innovation or incubation canters of or to
become an ICT freelancer/consultant. The project also contributes to increasing the business skills of ICT companies and promoting their products through the organization of targeted business and management training, B2B events in EU countries.

Among the key results achieved by the end of the 8th Semester are the following:

      – The Digital Skills enhanced and ICT skilled workforce is developed in a sustainable manner that meets the need of the market and enhanced competitiveness of Kosovo ICT and traditional businesses. 2.386 people trained, 1924 certified on Web Development Professional, Enterprise Java Programming, Cyber Security, Web Development Practitioner, Python, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial
Intelligence, 752 or 39 % of certified trainees are females, while more than 320 are employed.

     – The project promoted the already launched Internship Scheme, as designed to cultivate talent, foster innovation, and bridge the gap between academic learning and practical industry experience. We aimed to advance the promotion of the internship scheme by contacting ICT companies, continuing with the matching process regarding the capabilities and skills of selected trainees /interns and the host ICT companies. Since the start of the activity, twelve agreements were signed and startedimplementation of Internships with the monitoring by the project team.


The 8th Semester Certification Award Ceremony was organised to deliver certificates to 213 certified trainees, who participated in the 300-hour advanced ICT training programme in the seven training modules. The ICT training was delivered by experienced international and local
trainers. The certificates were awarded to trainees who successfully completed the ICT training and passed the final examination. Among the trainees were students, graduated (Bachelor and Master) and employees with a wide range of profiles such as software developers, software engineers, database administrators, database analysts, database developers, cybersecurity engineers, security analysts, IT Managers, network engineers, data analysts, data science specialists, IT administrators, IT specialists. The event was organised by the “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth “project team, with around 300 participants, including representatives from ME, STIKK, ICT company’s, host companies for Internship scheme, Interns, trainers and trainees of the training programmes.

On behalf of the Minister of Economy, Ms. Edita Pozhegu -adviser to the Minster Rizvanolli, had a short speech, emphasising the dedication and commitment of the Ministry of Economy, in relation to ICT and Digital support, youth skills development and promotion of Dgital economy and internationalisation. Then, the team leader of the Project, Grigoris Kontzoglou presented the achievements and the future plans of the Project, while the Communication Expert, Ahmet Jetullahu-Meti, encouraging attendees to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow during their ICT trainings, because these trainings not only equip participants with essential skills but also pave the way for exciting internship opportunities organized by the project. In the same time, the Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure) new module was promoted too.

Three beneficiaries of the internship scheme as well as three host companies gave motivational speeches for the attendees regarding their experience during the implementation of the internship scheme.

We also heard a success story of the transition from Trainee to Mentor: The Journey of Turning Opportunity into Success. Mr.Luan Kerleshi began as a participant in our trainings and has since founded his company, postieri xyz L.L.C, a successful enterprise in ICT sector. Today, he is also contributing to our community by hosting intern through our program,demonstrating the full circle of growth and opportunity our initiatives offer. Luan Kerleshi’s story is a testament to the transformative power of ICT For Kosovo’s growth’s trainings in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and community engagement.

The project continues with the Round IX and X of advanced ICT and Digital training programme and Implementation of the Internship Scheme.