On October 22, 2021, ICT for Kosovo’s Growth organized the Regional B2B meeting in Prizren where ICT Sector meets Non-ICT Businesses – Creative Industry, Tourism and Artisanal Production companies, and explored their mutual business cooperation opportunities in terms of digital transformation, competitiveness and export development.

The meeting was open to the public and approximately 20 people were in attendance. During the meeting, attendees shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions for consideration of integrating Information and technology elements into the business that are managed by Women.

During the day, meeting participants had the opportunity to choose among various sessions to discuss topics and develop recommendations and possible partner agreements. Topics included: Standardization process; Specialized Technological Suppliers; Efficient mobility; E-commerce; Platforms in managing staff and production processes; Importance of Product design and Branding; Access to Services etc. At the beginning of each session, participants were presented with background information and discussion questions. Then, following a structured process of brainstorming and information exchange, participants in the sessions reached consensus on future cooperation’s and discussed related barriers and solutions.