On 10 November, 2021, The Project “EU Support to the Competitiveness of the Kosovo ICT Sector” which aims to support the competitiveness of Kosovar businesses in digitalization and internationalization in order to contribute to economic growth and the creation of new employment opportunities conducted a B2B event in Vtia, where the ICT businesses meet with local companies of non-ICT Textile and Apparel Production sectors, exploring the cooperation opportunities on digitalisation, innovation, cooperation on direction of doing business and increasing export opportunities.

The event have been organised on 10th of November 2021, in cooperation with Municipality of Vitia, and STIKK association.

B2B event was open to the public and approximately 18 people were in attendance. The event was carried on with welcoming speech of Mr. Grigoris Kontzoglou – Team Leader, presenting the project ICT for Kosovo’s Growth, followed by Mr. Ismet Mulaj, presenting the Enterprise Europe Network, an EU funded project and Mr Rama from Department of Economy and Finance, Municipality of Vitia. The event continued with presentations from the ICT companies’ background and experience, their products and services focused on digital transformation of the traditional businesses and digital marketing.

During the event, participants has the opportunity to participate on various sessions and discuss with ICT companies about different topics related to the business digital transformation and digital marketing. Participants developed recommendations as well as explore possibilities to enter into partnership agreements for further business development, digital transformation and improving their presence into local and international market using the features and benefits of the digital marketing.

Main topics presented and discussed included: Standardization process; Specialized Technological Suppliers; Efficient mobility; E-commerce; Platforms in managing staff and production processes; Importance of Product design and Branding; Access to Services etc.

At the beginning of each session, participants were presented with background information and discussion questions. Then, following a structured process of brainstorming and information exchange, participants in the sessions reached consensus on future cooperation’s and discussed related barriers and solutions.

All concluded the need for the business digitalisation in all operations, production and management systems, which will lead to improve their competitiveness on the local and international markets.

Participants highly evaluated the format of the event and meeting between. The opportunity to elaborate and discuss gives them a clear picture of business digital transformation processes.