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Terms of Reference

INTERVENTION TO: Analysis of Capacities of already existing staff working in the 7 VTCs, and EARK, ICK and
                                    teachers in 8 VET ICT Schools (Act. 1.1.2)      

Contract No: 2019/413-135

Project Code: EuropeAid/136756/DH/SER/XK

Project Title: EU support for the Competitiveness of Kosovo’s ICT sector

Post Title: One Senior NK TNA Expert (SNKE TNA)

Activity site: Kosovo

Duration: up to 10 working days

Estimated starting date: 13 May 2020

Estimated ending date: 8 June 2020


The overall objective of the project is to enhance the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional businesses by supporting the growth of Kosovo’s ICT sector leading to growth and new job creation. The purpose is to bridge the digital and business skills gap in a sustainable manner that meets the needs of the market and increases the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional businesses and to increase the export of Kosovar ICT businesses, and traditional businesses through the use of ICT.


The Project will undertake a Training Needs Assessment aiming at analysing the capacities of already existing staff working in the 7 VTCs of the EARK, ICK and teachers in 8 VET ICT Schools. This endeavour will follow the development of the selection criteria for existing staff and teachers to undergo a training programme for improvement of their IT capacities.

This assignment is related to the project activity “1.1. Diagnostic of available human resources to provide ICT trainings” and the objective is the analysis of capacities of already existing staff working in the 7 VTCs of the EARK, ICK and ICT teachers in 8 VET ICT schools. The analysis will be used to develop the training plan for the improvement of IT capacities of existing staff and ICT teachers.


The Senior NKE Training Needs Assessment expert (SNKE TNA), under the supervision of the Key Expert 2 – ICT Expert, will be responsible for the implementation of a survey, meaning on qualified online interviews and/or potential meetings with a semi-structured questionnaire targeting ICT training needs of existing working staff and teachers. The SNKE TNA will be supported by the project team on arrangement and facilitating the TNA organization as well as coordination with Ministry of Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Investment (MEETIESI), Employment Agency, STIKK, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) and LuxDev KSV/020

The TNA expert (SNKE TNA) will be working on drafting a comprehensive and easy understandable questionnaire, related to the targeted respondents’ capacities, experiences, education and profiles, gaps, trends, needs for improvements, key subjects delivered and upcoming ones, and proposed Training of Trainers concept idea- format as per their needs and recommendations.

The TNA expert will conduct the survey and interviews (if any) for approx. 80 respondents, which are sampled preferably as follows:

The timetable for the above activities should be considered as follows.





    Timing (estimated)



Identification of teachers and staff, collection of initial data

1 day

Should be completed before 5 May.


Development of a semi structured questionnaire based on each training subject

1 day

Should be completed by 10 May


Undertaking approx 80 online survey interviews

4 days

Should be ready by 20 May


Undertaking site visits to get meeting with key working staff and or ICT teachers (if feasible due to corona virus situation in Kosovo – otherwise these wdays will be used under Task no.3)

2 days

Completed by 29 May


Drafting and finalizing the survey report 

2 days

Completed by 05 June.

*Due to corona virus situation/outbreak in the EU and in Kosovo, the NKE
will be able to work from home regarding the tasks No.1, 2 and 4 (and have online meetings with the Project TAT)

Involvement of Key Expert

The above assignment will be implemented under the direct supervision of the Key ICT Expert and the Team Leader:


Involvement of backstopping staff

The backstopping staff will contribute to the implementation of this assignment as follows:


  1. Competency matrix for each profile, as being in a survey format.
  2. Survey and interviews (if any) report data. (Approx 80, with existing staff from 7VCTs, EARK, ICK and teachers at 8 VET ICT schools)
  3. Survey report delivered


The SNKE TNA will deliver the outputs/reports in English, and should be approved by the ICT Key Expert and Team Leader. The outputs/reports will be attached to the expert’s draft timesheet(s)


The SNKE TNA shall meet the following requirements:

Qualifications and Skills:

General professional experience  

Specific professional experience  


It is expected that the assignment will be completed in not more than 10 working days. Depending on the possible need for more work inputs, the total workload may be extended.


In general, work will be performed at the Project Office in Prishtina, Kosovo. In particular regarding the Tasks no. 1,2 and 4 the SNKE TNA is allowed to work at home (with online communication and cooperation with the Project TAT)


The assignment is planned to commence on 13 May 2020 and be completed by 8 June 2020.


Application letter, EU format CV, Diplomas, certificated and all Employment Ref’s, in English, must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected]  no later than 8 May 2020, and titled: “Application for the positions: Senior Non-Key Training Needs Assessment Expert

References must be available on request.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

The Project is an equal opportunity employer, in respect of the principles of good governance, sustainable development, and gender equality.

All applications will be considered strictly confidential.