Job Fair

Participating in a job fair is a great way to gain access to many potential candidates who are eager to start a new role. Job fairs are worth it for employers looking to meet many diverse candidates excited to start a new position. They’re a great way for new businesses to build awareness of their company and get to know others in their industry.

As the main focus of the Project is to train people about digital and business skills in order to activate the skills supply for the ICT labour market and to put the improved skills in effective use, within the KosICT Technology Festival, held in ITP, Prizren on 22nd of October 2021, we organised JobFair for our trainees. Information was send to them regarding the organisation of JobFair were ICT companies and trainees/job seekers of different profiles of ICT sector and digital marketing are invited to participate. They are asked to bring a hard copies of their CV’s and meet with interested ICT businesses.