A hackathon is an event that brings together experts and creates a collaborative environment for solving a certain problem. While the majority of hackathons revolve around computer programming and IT, many other industries follow suit. The word hackathon is a combination of “hack” and “marathon.” So, essentially it’s a marathon for hackers.  But, in this case, hackers are exploratory computer programmers.

ICT for Kosovo’s Growth organized the Hackathon event in Ferizaj, where participants were divided into small teams, they were tasked to built out of the box solution around a common theme. At the end the products were judged by a jury on a diferent criteria such as originality , presentation and technical skills.

Projects and Winners

Projects ranged from How to use ICT in the computerizing and automatization of the production produces, to strengthen cooperation among Furniture Producer and hoe technology can be used as a tool to change the perception of the broader public about furniture products. Judges scored projects creativity, technical depth, challenge of doing the task and usefulness in the real world. Additionally judges awarded two projects for best demonstrations and their effort and work.

Winners of the Hackathon were:

1st: WorkSmartNotHard: by Ylli and Fiona Spanca: Created an application that will provide: detailed calculation and measurements which will remove the need of manual calculation, and also the chance of making any math mistake, having a list of the best wood that needs to be chosen based on the furniture will be build an opportunity of a visualization of the object, finding the possible flaws, being able to draw with a pen, on mobile app version, and by using a laser to draw it on the object as well and being able to automatically start the machine, without the need to be physically there.
2nd: Planta: Blerton Mustafa, Ardiana Domaneku, Henor Teneqja The role of Autocad in the realization of parametric object. Auto-cad, parametric designs, opportunities offered by auto-cad for parametric designs, parametric wall design, details, practical work, carpentry connections (assembly)

3rd: InoART : Xhemile and Enes Shala: Created an app which will be responsible to manage and maintain the platform, to verify users, advertisements, to investigate irregularities. Here some of the advantages of the platform:
• The price of the product to be open to all, then the other party who has the duty to perform the task must compete to win the job by giving the offer and the time that is needed to perform the task.
• After the offers are made, the employer has the duty to choose one of the offers and the message will automatically go to everyone whether the offer has been approved or not.
• After taking office, the contracting company / individual must provide statistics from time to time or at the beginning (when the work begins) and at the end (when the work ends) so that the employer can see the status of his product.