About the project

The “EU Support for the Competitiveness of Kosovo’s ICT Sector” project, aims to enhance the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional businesses by supporting growth of Kosovo’s ICT sector leading to growth and new job creation.

Moreover, the project purpose intents to bridge the digital and business skills gap in a sustainable manner that meets the needs of the market and increases the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional businesses and to increase the export of Kosovar ICT businesses, and traditional businesses through the use of ICT.

The project is focused on providing trainings and courses on ICT, Digital Skills and Business management.


  • IT Course includes: programming languages, website development; database design and implementation, iOS and Android app development; Software engineering; Business Intelligence; Security, Cloud Computing, soft skills … click here for more details about training programs
  • Business training courses – We will identify existing needs of ICT businesses in terms of business and  management, develop selection criteria to identify participants of these courses, develop training courses and deliver them.… click here for more details about training programs

International and domestic business cooperation events

  • Design and organisation of 3 specialized B2B Export promotion Services events;
  • Design and organisation of 45 events in 7 centres of Kosovo for Kosovo ICT businesses to present their work to other Kosovo businesses that are interested in increasing their exports and digitalizing their business processes.
  • Organisation 3 ICT conferences, which include annual ICT conference presenting the latest ICT trends and success of ICT businesses.



The project duration is 42 months, starting from January 2020 until July 2023.

The “EU Support for the Competiveness of Kosovo’s ICT Sector” is an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by WeGlobal in partnership with European Projects Management Ltd and Prishtina REA.