Enterprise Java And Mobile Developer: Description and Training Content



This Training module aims for the training of individuals who want to specialize in the development of Enterprise Java applications which is highly demanded by the market. The popular Java Spring Framework
will be touched on in detail to enable the full stack. application development by using Java technologies. The training on Mobile Application development by using the Kotlin language shall improve the developer to work in the enterprises and governmental organizations. The training will combine Mobile Application development by using the Java language which will improve the developer to develop professional mobile applications by using Java.


Basic Program Structure, Compilation, Tools, Console In/Out

Intro to Object Oriented Programming: Procedural to OO, Basic Concepts,

Class, Object, Interface, Modifiers"

Java Anonymous Classes, Anonymous Objects, Functional Interfaces, Lambda Expressions

Java Unit Testing

Java Database Connectivity. Basic Operations with famous Databases + NoSQL Databases (Firebase, Mondo DB)

Java GUI programming

Basic Design Patterns: Introduction, Strategies, Implementation,


Java Threading

Introduction to Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate Introduction to Java Microhardness

Framework (JMH)

Android Basic Activity Ul manipulation. Using Layouts, handling screen


Android Basic Event Handling: Annotations, Listeners, Dialogs and Notifications

Passing and Receiving Data to and from Android Apps and Activities Android Sensors,

Location Services (GPS) and Runtime Permissions Android and SQLite Databases

Android Audio Interaction: Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech

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