About Training

WEglobal, in consortium with European Projects Management and Prishtina REA, is implementing the “EU Support for the Competitiveness of Kosovo’s ICT Sector” project, funded by the EU Office in Kosovo. The project supports the growth of Kosovo’s ICT sector by providing training courses to people to develop digital and business skills to support the ICT labour market and to put the improved skills effectively in use. The overall objective is to enhance the competitiveness of Kosovo’s digital and traditional business by supporting the growth of Kosovo’s ICT sector leading to growth and new job creation.

Following the completion of the delivery of four semesters (rounds)
of the ICT Skills Development Training to improve the ICT capacities of the Kosovo ICT workforce provided to 1238 people the Project announces a specific training on “Business development and global marketing strategies” for managers, freelancers and owners of ICT Businesses and other business related to ICT.

The training curricula are designed in line with domestic and global IT market trends and on current needs for training on business development, management for ICT businesses and global marketing strategies.

The “Business development and global marketing strategies” training consists of two modules:

  1. Module I – Management, Governance, Financial Assessment and Human Resources (12 hours)
  2. Module II – Empowering Competition, Marketing and Sales, Internationalization (18 hours)

The training on “Business development and global marketing strategies” is free of charge and will help you by developing your skills, specific knowledge on business development and global marketing.Participants who will attend at least 50% of the sessions will receive Certificate.

Who can apply?

Freelancers and Managers/entrepreneurs of Kosovo ICT businesses and other related to ICT sector companies can apply to the training.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria


All the managers and entreprenuers working in ICT companies and freelancers of ICT sector of Kosovo.

The managers who already participated in the previous training are not eligible!

Selection Criteria Weight
Structural criteria⦁ Structure of the Business
⦁ Area of the business
⦁ Targeted Market
Other Criteria⦁ Products/Services Portfolio
⦁ Innovation
Essential criteria⦁ Local Managers/entrepreneurs of Kosovo
ICT businesses and related sectors.
⦁ English Language
Desired Criteria⦁ Existence in the market
⦁ Size of the Company/Entrepreneur

IMPORTANT NOTE: SPECIAL BONUS!!! The successful participants of the training will have more points to participate in the next International B2B events that will be organised by the ICT for Kosovo’s Growth Project in European Countries!!!

Training dates:

The training will be carried out on November – December 2022, 4 hours course per day (from 17:00-21:00), max. 2 days per week. 30 hours of training.


 Davide Branco holds a Laurea (Advanced degree) in Economic Policy in Italy and an MSc in Corporate Governance in the UK. He is an experienced SME International Development and Training Expert with more than 35 years of general experience.He covered various positions as Marketing & Export Manager, Export & Marketing Consultant, Project Manager, Team Leader, Program Manager, Senior Lecturer, Visiting Professor, Senior Capacity Building and Training Expert, Senior SME Expert, Senior Entrepreneurship Expert and lately Senior Employment Expert, in both National and large EU funded projects. He has designed, coordinated and delivered numerous capacity-building activities and training programs in topics such as SME Development, Business, Management and Entrepreneurship, addressed to Unemployed, Managers, Youth, Women, Business Service Managers and providers, Public Officials, Start-ups, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs and others. During his complementing academic career as Senior Lecturer-Visiting Professor in strategic management & entrepreneurship as well as BA and MA Program Director, he designed Master’s level curricula, while he is author of booklets and seminars’ papers on entrepreneurship and development. Membership of various SMEs associations, Councils and so on, do complete the profile.

How to apply for training?

You can apply in the form by clicking the button below

The deadline for application is 21st November 2022!