On 17th of June 2021, ICT for Kosovo’s Growth organized the Regional B2B meeting in Gjakova where ICT Sector meets Non-ICT Businesses in Textile Industry & Agriculture, and explored their mutual business cooperation opportunities in terms of digital transformation, competitiveness and export development.

The B2B Event for ICT and local companies in Gjakova have been organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Municipality of Gjakova, STIKK, business chambers and associations of Gjakova Municipality, partners, collaborating institutions, trainees of training programmes, partners of other projects and institutions promoting partnership towards the project results. The event was carried on with welcoming speech of Project’s Team Leader Mr. Grigoris Kontzoglou, Mayor of Gjakova, Mr. Ardian Gjini, then with honoured speech from the Head of European Union Office in Kosovo Ambassador Tomáš Szunyog, Minister of Economy Mrs. Artane Rizvanolli, representative of STIKK Mrs. Vjollca Cavolli.

With participants from 11 ICT companies and 15 local companies from Textile Industry & Agriculture, had the opportunity to meet in a special dedicated space for B2B meetings. The participating ICT companies had the chance to present their products and services, while local companies were able to get full information about existing ICT products and services for their digitalization and internationalization.
The meeting was open to the public and approximately 50 people were in attendance. During the meeting, attendees shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions for consideration of integrating Information and technology elements into the business of the Textile Industry & Agriculture that in Gjakova Region is very developed.

All concluded and embraced the need for technology integration in all the production and management system. Consequently, overall implementations have proceeded smoothly and have produced a highly referenceable base that can be leveraged for development and ICT integration. Participants appreciate the form of meetings that took place. Gave them a sense of comfort to be explicitly asked to walk through the production requirements from ICT perspective and to participate in the process of visualizing how the requirements will be implemented.