Organization of regional cross-sectoral events

The Ferizaj Hackathon Event 

This event is based on the building digital solutions on digitization process in Wood Sector as with digitization of the business activity, digitization of the design and manufacturing process, digitization of the marketing, export processes, and other approaches for enhancement of the wood processing and furniture business in Kosovo.

The event covers the following audience:

  • Companies in wood processing and furniture production
  • Individuals/teams
  • Companies in marketing/sales of the wooden products
  • Companies producing manufacturing, marketing solutions in ICT.
  • Chambers/Unions
  • Governmental organisations related to wood processing and furniture.

The participants/teams will try to find the solutions for the problems systemically identified  and propose their solutions to hack. The solution could be in the format of a software application, technology, process, system model, etc. The problem statements are as follows:

Problem Statement 1: How to use ICT to strengthen cooperation among Furniture Producers?

Problem Statement 2: How can ICT be used to change the perception of the broader public about furniture products?

Problem Statement 3: How to use ICT to facilitate the design and presentation  of high-quality competitive furniture products?

Problem Statement 4: How to use ICT in the computerizing and automatization of the production produces ?

Problem Statement 5: How to use ICT in the training of the individuals for furniture producing profession to increase the number of skilled professionals in the sector?

How to apply? 

All interested individuals/teams can apply by submitting their application form by simple click here: Application Form  

The deadline for application is: 30th of March 2021.


The Venue for the event is  University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj.

All participants from outside of Ferizaj should arrange their accommodation and travelling.

The Hackathon Event  will last 3 days and the indicative schedule for the event is as follows and subject to change. All hacking activity by the teams shall proceed in the Venue.


Day 1:

  • Opening session
  • Hackathon Problem Statements and Introduction
  • Industry Speakers session (max four)
  • Introduction of the rules
  • First day of the hacking activities session

Day 2: Hacking session continued

Day 3:

  • Hacking session continued
  • Submission of the projects
  • Project demos/presentations
  • Judging
  • Awards/Ceremony


First place: 500.00 €

Second Place: 300.00 €

Third Place: 200.00 €

About the regional cross-sectoral events

45 events will be organised in seven centres of Kosovo for the ICT business to introduce their products and services to other traditional (non-ICT) businesses and the general public. This activity aims to cooperation between the ICT and non-ICT enterprises to increase their exports and digitalising their business processes. These events will generate business opportunities for ICT companies on the domestic market and increase ICT penetration to other industries. It is planned to organise Hackathon events with specific focuses and an event on   case studies and/or success stories. The organisation of these events will support developing innovative and competitive ICT products and services by promoting participative and use-engaged processes.