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team nick name

How the software system will be developed shall help to sector to overcome the defined problem- what will be the advantages of the resultants system, how the costs will be eliminated, how the processes will be improved, etc. Please provide diagrams as being attachment even required

What kind of the infrastructure will be required to implement the solution in the sector? Is the solution will be developed from scratch? Or your team shall customize a known system, or your team shall adapt an available solution?

Is it a known solution with acceptable new features or totally innovative solution?

What will be the cost of the resulting system? Is it feasible by the sector? Is the solution eliminating the cost of the licensing?

Who will be developer, designer, mentor of the development of the solution in the hackathon event?

If you need a large space for the hardware equipment and require some specific level of the energy please mention?

i.e., Plotter, 3d printer, ID readers, tags, Router, etc.?

Any requirement, any other points your team wants to highlight