A Great opportunity for paid Internships in ICT companies of Kosovo.

The EU funded Project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth” creates a dynamic, where the fresh perspectives of newly trained individuals meet with the seasoned expertise within local ICT companies. The Project starts a Unique Internship Scheme to provide advanced ICT skilled workforce to selected ICT businesses in Kosovo with aim to bridge the digital and business skills gap in a sustainable way that meets the needs of the market.

The objectives of the Internship Scheme are the professional development of certified trainees and the support of the competitiveness of Kosovar ICT businesses with modern ICT skilled workforce.

Advanced trained and Certified trainees through a five months (300 hrs) training in Cyber Security, Web Application Development, Enterprise Java & Mobile, Python programming, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be funded by the Project to gain professional learning experience and practical work in ICT companies. This endeavour will be realised through the organisation and implementation of 40 meticulously structured internships, targeting highly scored certified trainees who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and commitment during their participation in the ICT training courses of the Project.

The implementation of this Unique Internship Opportunity in ICT industry of Kosovo’ , supporting highly scored certified trainees with 3-months paid internship by the Project starts in March 2024 with the Call for Applications for ICT companies and Call for Applications for the best certified trainees of 7th Semester to participate in the Internet Scheme.

The Project will select the best-certified trainees to participate in the ICT for Kosovo’s Growth Internship Scheme and match them in cooperation with the ICT companies that will cooperate with the Project to start their 3-monthly paid internships from April 2024.

The goal is to select 40 Interns that will participate in three rounds of Internships. The first round of internships will take place after the 7th Semester (April 2024), the 2nd after the 8th Semester (October 2024) and the 3rd after the 9th Semester (April 2025).