On 29 th of June 2021 in the Amphitheatre by Zahir Pajaziti city square of Prishtina, Kosovo,
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/h2VzFeZTo7MDgSQ68
The Project “EU Support to the Competitiveness of the Kosovo ICT Sector” which aims to
support the competitiveness of Kosovar businesses in digitalization and internationalization in
order to contribute to economic growth and the creation of new employment opportunities
will conduct a B2B event, where the ICT businesses will meet with businesses in Service-
gastronomy-tourism sector, where they can explore mutual business cooperation
opportunities in terms of digital transformation, competitiveness and export development.
The event will be organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Municipality of
Prishtina, STIKK and local business associations.
Besides this, during the event will be offered space for B2B meetings and participating ICT
companies will have the chance to present their products and services, while local companies
will be able to get full information about existing ICT products and services for their
digitalization and internationalization.
Do not let this opportunity go away, where you can get to know each other, share
experiences, confirm or connect with any business collaboration opportunities.