On 24 November, 2022, ICT for Kosovo’s Growth organized the Regional B2B meeting in Vushtrri where the ICT businesses meet with local companies who are oriented in Agro, Manufacturing and Processing sector, exploring the cooperation opportunities on digitalisation, innovation, cooperation on direction of doing business and increasing export opportunities.

This B2B event gathered over 25 business participants from ICT Digital sector and Traditional businesses.
The event was carried on with welcoming speech of Mayor of Vushtrri, Mr. Ferit Idrizi, expressing his pleasure of hosting the event, where we can explore the possibilities of cooperation for digitalization, innovation and cooperation. He emphasized the opportunities offered by the municipality for young people and women:

⦁ over 400 scholarships with 50% subsidy for soft skills and foreign languages ​​for young people and women;
⦁ 10 professional profiles with 100% subsidy from the municipality;
⦁ 3 profiles for women in training centres;
⦁ call for Start-ups for new and existing businesses;

Mr. Ergin Sunguri, Director of Department for Economic Development, welcomed everyone and presented the business sector development policies within which grants will be distributed for start-ups of Vushtrri Municipality.

Short project introduction, its objectives and so far achieved results were presented by project’s Team Leader, Mr. Grigoris Kontzoglou. He mentioned the importance of the local cross-sectorial B2B events, bringing together the ICT ^ Digital sector and the traditional businesses from all around the country, as well as the relevance of export promotion and increasing the competitiveness through international B2B matchmaking events the project is undertaking.

The event continued with the presentation of Mr.Ahmet Jetullahu, Director of Prishtina REA, focusing on EU and other Funding opportunities related to Innovation and ICT such as Erasmus, Horizon, Single Market Program, Digital Program, covered relevant specific topics. There were business to business meetings between ICT businesses and manufacturing, processing and gastronomy businesses, exploring their mutual business opportunities and cooperation modalities in terms of digitalization and export development

In total, 50 people attended the event, with participants from 6 ICT companies, a representative of STIKK, Mr. Hektor Gashi and 26 local traditional companies (Agro, Manufacturing, Processing, Women businesses, Gastronomy, etc), 2 trainees, representatives of Municipality of Vushtrri and project team.

All concluded and embraced the need for technology integration in all the production and management system. They had the opportunity to meet, discuss topics and develop recommendations and possible partner agreements.

ICT companies

Had the chance to present their products and services, while local companies were able to get full information about existing ICT products and services for their digitalization and internationalization. ICT companies present in this event, had the chance to have each 5-minute presentations, inform and present their products and services for non-ICT businesses. 

⦁ Non-ICT companies
From Non-ICT companies, there were 26 companies from different sectors and majority of them meet with present ICT businesses and exchanged information’s, contacts and brochures to have other meetings. 

The event resulted as an opportunity where have been created contacts and linkages to develop business opportunities in finding common interests and possible future cooperation. B2B event resulted as an opportunity where have been created contacts and linkages to develop business opportunities in finding common interests and possible future cooperation.